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3rd Gravesend Lockdown Activities

Rob Viner

3rd Gravesend Group Scout Leader

So what have we at the 3rd been up to during lockdown? We currently have one scout on 23 nights in his back garden, 3 cubs and a scout indoor camping - no back garden. The cubs have also been working towards the Local Knowledge badge by completing the 8 day Easter Egg hunt.

The Gardeners and Artist badges are ongoing. Our next project is the DIY badge where a short tutorial will be available for them to build a bee hotel out of scrap wood and we will be celebrating St George's Day probably on Sunday which would have been our parade day.

We have also had a scout, Blake Syce, on the Facebook page demonstrating origami, and a cub, Arron George, demonstrating knots. We also had a brief photo instruction from me as to how to cook Cree bannock. So plenty going on.

There are also some ideas being put together for VE day, and we have started online shopping fundraising. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more stuff happening.

Nearly forgot, some are even walking to the MOON!!

Happy Scouting.



Jack - Whos has currently done 23 nights in his garden

Has it been challenging being in your tent for 23 nights? What have you missed?

I haven't found it particularly challenging because camping is something I love to do and does regularly with his scout group.

Also (mum says) he is coming to the house during the day!

Whats Minecraft Scout JOTI? How can people join in?

The JOTI Minecraft was set up as part of the online JOTI jamboree. You log onto your Minecraft game and add the scout server to then join in. There were a campfire, rock climbing, and loads of other areas to explore along with areas you could build yourself. He was playing alongside scouts from America, Sweden, Britain and Spain to build an underground camp online!

- If someone wants to challenge themselves to live in their tent for 23+ days what are your three top tips?

Three tips Jack said make sure you are warm enough, bring snacks and download films or take books with you.


Evan - Whos currently on his 27th Day in his Den

Has it been challenging living in your den?

Tonight will be my 27th night in my den but It has not really been challenging living in my den, I have my computer and plugs to charge my phone and multiple blankets to stay warm and comfortable. However, I don’t usually sleep very well as I always wake up very tired.

What's your top tip for building an amazing den?

My top tip for building an amazing den is choosing the right location. There needs to be lots of space to stretch out your legs whilst being small enough that you don’t have to stretch the roof of your den. Empty spaces with lots of furniture are the best places. To make sure that you don’t go over the top, ensure that only the essentials are used, for example you don’t need a roll mat and sleeping bag if you

have a duvet and some blankets. Don’t try to use too much furniture, for example if the roof hangs down don’t use something to keep it up, just pull it tighter. Finally, keep your den simple, it doesn’t have to look amazing or be entirely sheltered, just a nice place to sleep will do.

If someone wants to challenge

themselves to do the same what are your three top tips to make sure you don't go crazy?

I have done many scouting activities over Easter, including JOTI and completing some challenge badges. For JOTI I did activities like the coronavirus awareness test and looked at the WWF webpage. I have also been busy finishing off badges I completed my skills and creative challenge badges and did some write-ups for other badges. Next week I will take part in the hike to the moon to raise money for charity and help people affected by coronavirus.

Rob Viner

3rd Gravesend Group Scout Leader

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