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A gift that can save a life

Istead Rise Community Centre has kindly donated an Automatic Electronic Defibrillator to Gravesham Scouts.

The AED was presented to Henson Appleby, Alan Skelton and Fraser Patrick of Gravesham Scouts in a short ceremony last week to be housed at the Hopehill Scout Camp at Meopham. Colin Cross, Chair of IRCA committee stated “IRCA hopes the machine will never have to be used, but if it does it will save a life and prevent a family's grief.”

This will be housed in a AED outdoor wall case unit at Hopehill Campsite on the main building.

Note from Istead Rise Community Center:

The Association had been seeking to donate a surplus AED unit to a suitable organisation. The surplus unit used to be housed inside the community centre office with limited access times. However, the installation of an external AED and cabinet donated to the community by Istead United Colts meant this unit was no longer required.

Gravesham scouts have been a part of Istead Rise Community life for nearly sixty years, with a large number of our communities children are members of the 1st Istead Rise Beaver, Cubs or Scouts sections.

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