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A month in the life of Apollo - Jan 20

" To start to find out more about some of the things that happen in units around the District every month we are going to ask a group to tell us what they have been up to in the previous month. If you want to feature one month let me know months are filling up quickly" - Myles Sullivan

Hannah Booth

Apollo Explorer Scout Leader

My Name is Hannah and I have been running Apollo explorer unit for four years with Tom, James, Kieran, Steph, Ben and Callum.

District explorer leaders at Gilwell Wintee Camp

We run our own meetings and programme in conjunction with a full district programme and alongside the three other explorer u it's in the district.

In the last month we have been to:

Gilwell park winter camp with district explorers

We have done a pub quiz, blind cooking evening where we cooked a meal from rimmed food which we removed the labels off of. We had some great results.

Fires in the woods hopehill where we attempted to start the fires with natural resources.

We have played human battleships which was a while bundle of laughs

Coming up in the next couple of weeks we have got district casino night, scout master evening, a night hike and many other things. A few trips that are coming up are easter hillcraft which we have four of our members taking part, caving in Somerset, and not forgetting the most popular event of the year Gilwell 24 in July.

If you want to get involved come and join us

Hannah Booth

Apollo Explorer Scout Leader

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