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ADC Scouts Blog post

Hi Everyone,

So here goes with a blog post that I have not done in a while.

Over the last 15 months it’s been a difficult time for me with a lot going on within my family and I have not had much chance to do as much scouting as I would have liked to, but this is now all in the past and I can now move on from it, as for the rest of you it has been a long hard road for you during the Pandemic with changes from the way you work to the way you can deliver Scouting to the young people.

I’ve gone from a complete novice at the zoom meetings, where I needed help from some of my own groups scouts in showing me how to create and run the meeting online to being able to run scouting meetings successfully each week.

With the lockdown now easing and a lot of us now getting back to Face2Face scouting the way it should be, I would like to know how you are all doing at your groups meetings.

If you would like me to do any visits to any meetings let me know and we will do our best to meet up safely and assist if required or just to have a chat about anything (scouting related of course).

I am looking forward to the point when we can get back to camping with our groups as well as some of the many district camps that we used to have over the year and get to teaching the outdoor skills we all like to do at camps. I know its going to be difficult at the start but we will get there eventually and safely.

Hope to see you all soon

Darren Stanford

ADC Scouts Gravesham


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