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Beaver Sleepover 2024

Beaver Sleepover 2024

Beaver Sleep Over Gravesham Scouts

Last weekend Beavers from 31st Gravesend, Istead Rise, Meopham, 5th Northfleet, Higham and Culverstone & Vigo came together for our annual District Beaver Sleepover, this year the theme was animals.

On Saturday afternoon Squirrels from 31st Gravesend joined in the activities, which included making bird masks, bird feeders, bug hotels and painting amazing lions and butterflies. We also had a visit from River’s Rodents and Reptiles, where the Beavers and Squirrels met a snake called Dougal, a tortoise called Chanel (Coco stayed at home) and a rat called Meeny (Mo was having a snooze in the crate).

Whilst the Squirrels were with us we also held our District Beaver Quiz Hike, as part of Trial Jam. This was animal themed of course and this year the winners of the hike were Culverstone and Vigo Beaver Scouts. 😀

After a busy Saturday the Beavers had their dinner then we had a campfire- indoors. The weather was rotten so rather than everyone get soaking singing around a fire- we just did the singing and the Beavers had a great time. The main event is of course, bedtime, it’s so exciting for those who have never stayed away from home and family before, it is such a great adventure- the Leaders like this bit for an entirely different reason- remember they’ve had a very busy day too!

When Sunday morning came around we had arranged for the Beavers to try out shooting, archery and tomahawk throwing- they all did really well and honed their skills. We then had a Beavers Own where the Beavers thought about teamwork and helping others.

Finally we had the presentation of badges- those the Beavers had earned during the weekend but I also had the privilege of presenting Chief Scout Bronze Awards to Harry and George from Istead Rise- Well Done.

Now I have to say some Thank You’s – to Andy, Terry and Sandra from 5 th Northfleet for keeping everyone fed and hydrated. To the Colony Beaver Leaders who manned and womanned bases, especially Evelyn who came along without Beaver Scouts and to all the adults and Young Leaders who gave up their time last weekend to ensure our Beaver Scouts has such a smashing time. Also a Thank You to the Mums and Dads for the loan of your children, it wouldn’t be the same without them 😁

Until next time

Marion Weston

Beaver Scout Volunteer Leader

Beaver Sleepover 2024

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