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Beaver Sports Day 23

On Thursday 15th June, 8 Colonies met at Hopehill for our annual Sports Evening.

Running sprints, egg and spoon races as well as skipping and bean bag race, sack race and obstacle races. We also had the relay race- always a challenge to ensure the right person is in the right spot to receive the baton.

The races were then opened up to the siblings as well as mums and dads but the mums and dads races were slightly different this year. We asked for one parent to represent each Colony and then the mums were told they would be running a hoop and bean bag race whilst the dads had a sack and space hopper race. They were good sports and did us all proud with lots of support from both the Beavers and the other parents present. (And possibly a little laughter!)

After some swift calculations it was time for the medals to be presented- Gold, Silver and Bronze for those who finished first, second and third and of course the trophy for the Colony who had done the best. This year that honour went to Windmill Hill.

Now the Thank Yous- firstly to all the Beavers that came along and tried their best and ran as fast as they could- your Leaders and your parents are proud of your efforts- wherever you came.

Thank you to the Leaders of 5th Northfleet, Istead Rise, 3rd Gravesend, Culverstone and Vigo (Gitchee Gumee), Culverstone & Vigo (Redwood), 31st Gravesend, Riverview Park and Windmill Hill for attending.

Thank you to Jamie, Lisa and Andy for bravely being the line judges.

To Jan and the SAS for helping us with the refreshments, Nicola, Matt and John for cooking the burgers and sausages and Cara for looking after the results table. Also to Alan and the Hopehill team for preparing the course.

An event like this really is a team effort and we are lucky, in Gravesham, to have such a brilliant team!

Marion Weston

Assistant District Commissioner - Beavers


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