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Big March Car Wash for Ukraine

Dear friends. We anticipate that there will be leaders, groups, YP and others who are wondering what they can do to help and some may already have thoughts and plans. However for those who would like to join in a bigger campaign, we are hoping many groups and/or Districts will join in with 'Kent Scouts Big March Car Wash for Ukraine' - we chose this as it is something that YP can actually do to raise money that is reasonably easy for groups to organise and will also engage with the community. We know support is needed as soon as possible so will be suggesting groups (if they want to be involved) undertake a car wash at some point through March. The money raised will be 75% for the Red Cross (one of the Million Hands charities) and 25% for the WOSM appeal for Ukranian Scouts Humanitarian Response. We have attached an initial 'flyer' that can be sent to groups now; we are hoping groups will feel they can make time in their programmes to help in such a truly unbelievable situation that goes against everything Scouts believe in. Time is critical for those who are in need, so we will be keeping this simple and hope we can help in this small way. People may ask about some sort of collection of items. It's clear that funds for organisations on the ground is more effective at the moment, but we can always review this if, god forbid, things worsen. Pat Duncumb is our Gravesham District representative for this project so please reach out to her if your planning on taking part. Stay safe and thank you. YiS Matt, Ali and Alan

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