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Updated: Oct 21, 2019

On Saturday 12th October, groups from across Gravesham took part in the Big Litter Pick.

None were put off by the bad weather that planned for an October's day and as a collective effort we collected nearly 100 bags of litter. Some of the weirder items included; car tyres, one sock, and a wheel barrow. This exceeded my expectations and showed what a great thing we were doing. Local residents were engaged with us and were telling us what a fantastic job we were doing!

The afternoon was spent having a picnic with no litter produced (one of the challenges)! I saw a lot of reusable Tupperware boxes and water bottles. This proved to me that we can all do it when we want!

We had a guest appearance from the Deputy Mayor of Gravesham who thanked us for all our hard work and spent the next few hours interacting and getting to know the young people further.

There were activities in the afternoon ranging from sort this pile of rubbish into recyclable, reusable, special disposable and household waste. This was a great activity and got the young people thinking about the correct ways to dispose of waste, something they can take back home and to school to spread the message. We also had a coconut shy with a different adaptation that we used tin cans instead, which promoted the ethos of reusable materials.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all the leaders and young people involved!

Helen, Pat and Myles

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