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Cub Space Adventure Day 2022

So a sunny Saturday (oh how the weather has changed since) found 105 cubs from 7 packs exploring Space at Hopehill. Bases included making star constellations, driving mars rovers (pedal cars), exploring the solar system and finding the difference between stars & planets, operating robotic arms to collect space junk, discovering how to move in different gravities and complete delicate tasks like cutting up chocolate while wearing space suit gloves and finally learning all about the phases of the moon using Orio biscuits and Jaffa Cakes! A fun time was had by all thanks to the hard work of the leaders and other adults (including our District Chairman) who supported this event supervising the cubs or running the different activities.

Our next big Cub Adventure is in May, when about 90 members of the Cub Section are off to explore Legoland with other cubs from around Kent. Should be a fun day to remember.

Terry Duncumb

Assistant District Commissioner - Cub Scouts

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