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Cubs On Water 2024

Cubs On Water 2024

Sunday the 2nd of June was time for Cubs from all across the District to head down to Leybourne Lakes and have the opportunity for a ton of fun on the water!


The sun was blazing, the winds were low and the excitement was high! Perfect for Cubs on Water! Nearly every pack from Gravesham was there taking part. With the chance for all the Cubs to try out a range of water activities such as;


·      Kayaking

·      Canoeing

·      Bell Boats

·      Paddleboarding


CoWs is an opportunity not to be compete but to simply join in and have fun, which over 100 Cubs certainly did. Our Bell Boat Helms took out crews of Cubs and taught them to work together to power and manoeuvre their vessel, as well as how to play games on the boat and even let them jump in to cool off if they wanted!

Cubs Scouts and Explorers, on the water in Kayaks, canoes and paddle boards

Time in the kayaks meant that the Cubs could focus on their own individual skills of being able to paddle, ideally in a straight line but more often in circles for some… either way having a ball as they progressed their skillset.


The canoes were another opportunity to build both water and teamwork skills, working together on two lashed together canoes to head out and have fun whilst touring around the lake.


The Paddleboards were another chance for working together, but under their own steam as Cubs paired up to take these out on the water – and they are not as easy to ‘drive’ as some may think, but all the Cubs did awesome at using these! The paddleboards have become so popular over the past couple of years we even doubled the fleet for this years water events!


Cubs Scouts and Explorers, on the water in Kayaks, canoes and paddle boards in a bell boat

Overall, the aim of the day was more than achieved… tons of Cubs on the water enjoying themselves all whilst growing and improving skills that they may or may not have started the day with!


Once again, a HUGE thank you to all the leaders and Explorer Scouts on and off the water that made the day happen! You are all amazing!

See all the photos from CoWs and Kontiki here:

David Norris

Activity Team

Cubs On Water 2024

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