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Henson Appleby

Gravesham District Commissioner

What a strange year it has been so far. From Lockdown 1, in March, a short recovery and then head down into Lockdown 2 in November which has brought Scouting back to Red rather than fireworks and bonfires!

For those of you who have embraced the “Virtual Scouting” world; well done and thank you; a remarkable effort was made across the District. Virtual Scouting isn’t for everyone (adults as well as young people) and we have maintained from Day 1, we will 100% support each and every individual in their own personal choice of how and when they return to Scouting.

Adult Awards

Just before Lockdown 1 & in the last few days, I have received several large brown paper envelopes through the post, sadly not filled with wads of bank notes!! However, they were filled with a multitude of Long Service Awards & Wood Badges along with some Growth & Development Awards from County.

Wood Badges

Alan Skelton ADC - Activities District

Amanda Willard Assistant Section Leader Cub Scouts

Aran Wade Section Leader Explorer Scouts

Bryan Gadd Section Leader Cub Scouts

Chris Austin District Section Leader Explorer Scout

Chris Norman Section Leader Cub Scouts With Wood Beads

David Fry Assistant Section Leader Cub Scouts

Heather Johnston Section Leader Scouts With Wood Beads

Joseph Appleby District Youth Commissioner District With Wood Beads

Jo Davis Section Leader Beaver Scouts

Karen Treadwell District Scouter Beaver Scouts

Leanne Ferguson Assistant Section Leader Cub Scouts With Wood Beads

Lee Chase Section Leader Scouts With Wood Beads

Rachael Lawler Section Leader Cub Scouts With Wood Beads

Sue Livett Section Leader Cub Scouts

Suzanne Patrick Section Leader Scout

Tracy Jarvis District Section Leader Explorer Scouts

Vikki Welch Assistant Section Leader Explorer Scouts With Wood Beads

Wood Beads are only awarded for the initial Wood Badge. Subsequent awards are certificate only.

Length of Service Awards

5 Years

Alan McPherson

Sarah-Louise Brown

Douglas Ismaili-Field

Tim Hannaford

James Dixon

10 Years

Adam Freeman

Victoria Treadwell

Mike Setter

Wendy Walker

Sally Hannaford

Nigel Gillet

Steve Costin

15 Years

Dave Norris

Stuart Barron

Guy Morfett

Lesley Northam

Kevin Missons

20 Years

Vi Rushbrook

25 Years

Steve Conyers

Growth & Development Awards for Growth in Youth Membership

1st Istead Rise Scout Group

5th Northfleet Scout Group

Riverview Park Scout Group

1st Shorne Scout Group

Growth & Development Awards for Growth in Youth Membership

3rd Gravesend Scout Group

Congratulations to everyone concerned. We shall endeavour to get them all presented as soon as possible once we are allowed to meet again, face to face.

Remembrance Sunday

Thank you to everyone who took part in the two-minute silence on Remembrance Sunday –it was fantastic to see so many of you posting your pictures. You all did yourselves, sections, groups and district proud.

District AGM

Our annual District AGM will be held on Tuesday 17th November 2020 at 8pm on Zoom. Please register for and attend (virtually) the District AGM on Tuesday, it will be great to see you there. The link for which is

Adult Training

Fraser has written a post on training – we are under increasing pressure from Scout HQ to ensure we are all compliant with our minimum obligations as members, including mandatory initial and ongoing training. Much of this can be done online and it really doesn’t take long – I re-did mine the other week. Please try and complete anything outstanding as soon as possible – I really don’t want to be forced into having to start the new year by suspending adults for non-compliance.

Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you both virtually at the AGM and in person when we can.

All the best

Henson Appleby

Gravesham District Commissioner


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