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District Commissioner’s Commendation Awards

Henson Appleby

Gravesham District Commissioner

Following on from the recent Adult and Service awards announced in March, it gives me great pleasure to confirm four more commendation awards for members of our District who have made a significant “difference” during the last year and in particular the infamous “Lockdown” period.

This could, I suppose, have waited until the next “round “of adult awards, but frankly, it would have done them all an injustice and perhaps not illustrated our genuine gratitude as a District for their extra efforts over the last twelve months.

As such, (and in no particular order)

DC Commendation awards will be going to:

Rob Viner - 3rd Gravesend

Mark Mickelburgh - Culverstone & Vigo

John Richards - Culverstone & Vigo

Matt Burgin - Culverstone & Vigo

All four of these lucky individuals will now join the throng of recipients awaiting re-stock of the aforementioned badge(!), but should, however, receive their certificates by post in the next few days.

Congratulations to all of them!

Henson Appleby

Gravesham District Commissioner

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