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District Explorer Activity Night - 23rd September

Dave Moesli

DESC - Gravesham District Explorer Scout Commissioner

Gravesham Explorers enjoyed their District Activity Night, where members from all units joined for a night of various activities.

I’d like to thank all of you who turned up at Hopehill last night to help with the District Explorer Meeting.

We ran 4 bases, covering climbing, shooting, archery and go karts. A total of 54 Explorers took part with 17 from Sputnik, 15 each from Apollo and Kipling and 7 (all the unit) from Phoenix.

The weather just about played ball with a light drizzle most of the evening and we were lucky to miss the heavy rain that followed overnight.

Special thanks go to Rich who ran the climbing, Jo Appleby who ran the shooting, Suzie who ran the archery and Aran, Jane and Chris Hills who looked after the go karts.

This was the first time we’ve tried a multi activity night and the feedback I got was good. The evening meant that the Explorers all got the chance to try the upgraded facilities and from what I heard some of them are interested in taking part in some of the activities more regularly.

I’d be grateful if leaders could make sure that all their members are aware of the monthly shooting sessions at JJ’s and archery sessions at Hopehill in case they are still unaware.

Dave Moesli DESC - Gravesham District Explorer Scout Commissioner

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