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District Kayak Camp - 28th to 29th September

Jamie Whittaker

1st Istead Rise GSL + Water Activities Leader

The kayak camp is an annual event run over 2 days on the River Medway. The event is relaxed and allows Scouts and Explorers to hone their skills from the PaddleEx days earlier in the year.

Last weekend 7 Scouts, 3 Explorers and 6 leaders attended the kayak camp. Starting at Yalding on the Saturday we paddled to Sluice Lock for lunch. After all running the canoe chute a couple of times we had a gentle paddle back to Yalding camping in the local canoe clubs campsite. We were lucky with the weather Saturday the sun

was out most of the day with the rain starting after we had pitched tents and eaten fish and chips. Following heavy rain through the night we woke to drizzle and a few showers that cleared away mid morning.

Once we had all packed our kit we headed back out onto the river and paddled to Teston stopping at Wateringbury for lunch. Again another canoe chute at Teston proved popular with the scouts running it twice as did jumping in adjacent to the lock gates.

Thanks to Steve, Lisa, John, Ged, Gavin and Jamie for all the hard work in putting this on and getting young people out of their natural environment to have fun and adventure.

Jamie Whittaker

1st Istead Rise GSL + Water Activities Leader

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