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Explorer Christmas Weekend

Explorer Christmas Weekend

Gravesham Explorer Christmas Weekend Apollo, Kipling Phoenix Christmas DInner

On the last weekend before Christmas Apollo and Kipling explorers took part in a Christmas weekend. It started off on the Friday evening with the last district explorers meeting of the year at Plant Ice in Gillingham for an ice-skating session. We had a good turn out across the district with explorers coming from across all four units. Afterwards the explorers who were with us for the whole weekend we took back in minibus to Shorne Scout hut to start the festivities.

During the weekend the explorers went to Nina Warrior in Chatham, lots of Christmas activities, an all-night film night and of course Christmas dinner and pudding cooked by our wonderful killing and Apollo explorer leaders.

This weekend started out as service crew at the Kipling hall with Christmas dinner and an all night film night for Kipling. Over the last few years this has turned into a tradition for Kipling and Apollo and this year we thought we would turn it into a full weekend’s worth of Christmas activities with the intention to do this again in the future. As leaders we believe that being flexible and being able to offer the opportunity for explorers to drop in an out as they need to is important, as this allows them to be part of the explorers extra activities and still be able to work.

As a leadership team we are very much looking forward to the activities we are looking at providing throughout this year.

Gravesham Explorer Christmas Weekend Apollo, Kipling Phoenix Explorer Leaders, Hannah Booth, Dominic Humphreys, Daniel Griggs, Daniel Brown, Lucy Richards

Happy scouting

Hannah, Dan B, Dan G, Chris H, Lucy, Rhys, Dom  and Jordan

Explorer Christmas Weekend

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