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Explorer Problem Solving

Monday nights explorers consisted of a few tasks for little groups of people to enjoy and work together as a team.

Task 1

Morse code.

They had to decode a short little message and unscramble the message to get the answer they had a morse code alphabet in of them to aid then after had to go and make their own little message and communicating it across the field with either lights or noises.

Task 2

Puzzle board.

Simple enough was 7 large puzzles some easier than the other where they had to fit lots of shapes into one square it can only fit one way though

Task 3

Malteser run.

You will need some guttering (clean) and Maltesers the aim of the game is to get from one side of the hall / open space to the other without stopping the sweet from rolling or dropping it on the floor pass the sweet between the guttering of your friends however you feel is the best method however you cannot move your position when you have the Malteser

Task 4

Blind maze.

Start with an 8x8 grid on your phone and make a little route on it from A to B now that is your blind maze don’t let anyone see it next step is to make an 8x8 grid on the floor have 1 blindfold for the walker whilst your other team mates are trying to workout which way to go, step on the wrong tile and your team mate replaces you from the beginning and keep repeating till you navigate the map

Task 5

BA shuffle.

If your unsure on this topic go look it up on YouTube. Simple its a routine the firemen use when they search a burning building and they cant see due to a giant smoke screen this BA shuffle is how they navigate the building using their left hand against the wall their right hand to look for high level stuff and their right foot for sweeping and stomping looking for obstacles and broken floor

Daniel Brown

Kipling/ Apollo Leader

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