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Flashing Blue Lights at Hopehill

Flashing Blue Lights at Hopehill

Flashing Blue Lights at Hopehill visiting Gravesham Explorers From Kent Police

The October District Explorer Scout meeting was a little different as we had a planned visit from the local Police. The police team of 6 provided four activities for the 50 or so Explorers, covering a range of police roles and tasks. The first base featured three vehicles, namely a marked response vehicle, an unmarked response vehicle and a cell van. The Explorers got to sit in the cars and operate the assortment of lights and sirens fitted; they also attempted to see how many they could get into the cell van at the same time!

The second base was a “Search Drill”, where the Explorers had to work together to find small items hidden in a room, or on a person – this replicated the type of search used to find drugs – and proved to be quite difficult. Finally, there were a couple of bases covering operations and kit; at the latter, the Explorers were able to try out riot equipment, including helmets, batons and shields under close supervision!

The evening gave a great insight into police work, and there was a very positive response from the Explorers. The Police Sergeant who organised the evening commented “we love doing these type of events and the engagement we had from the Explorers (and the leaders!) was fantastic – some of the best yet

Dave Moesli

District Explorer Scout Commissioner

Flashing Blue Lights at Hopehill

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