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Gilwell Winter Camp 2020

Del Jarvis

Kiplin Explorer Leader

12 Explorers and 6 Leaders off to Gilwell Winter camp on Friday evening, arriving in the normal chaos, tents pitched and muddy fun commencing, some activities and the Disco on Friday evening.

Saturday starts with many various activities from 9am ranging from the Climbing, Air bag drop, 4x4 driving, Mini tank driving, Bushcraft, fairground rides, Disco in the Lid, Silent Disco in the large marquee on Essex Chase to name but a few of the activities.

Mud slowly drying out during the day, well until the rain came in at 2 am..... making the mud a better gooey mess.

Weather was as we always expect for Gilwell Winter camp and never disappoints, all the Explorers enjoyed the event and have made many new friends and catching up with old ones.

So where were you? You missed a great weekend.

Thank you to all the Explorers and District Leaders for a great weekend

Del Jarvis

Kiplin Explorer Leader

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