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How many Kent Scouts can we get camping in May 2020?

A virtual camping challenge during the month of May and a chance to earn the MAYhem Badge.

Kent Scouts are also running a Virtual campfire on Saturday 16th May. This will be a great opportunity for groups across the county to share and learn some new campfire songs.

Full website link with details -

They have designed tailored activities and challenges for all sections.

Beavers - Click Here

Cubs - Click Here

Scouts - Click Here

Explorers - Click Here

Give some of the challenges a go and have some fun along the way.

Heres what Parker from 1st Istead Rise Cubs has been up to.

Parker Lauder

1st Istead Rise Cubs

Mayhem20 Badge


Hello my name is Henry and I am 8 years old.

My daddy is a soldier In the British army and he has been away fighting in the war.

My mummy is a cleaner at the village church.

I have an older sister called Edith.

I was 2 years old when the war started and it was very scary sometimes.

I remember when the air raid sirens sounded we had to hide in little bunkers to keep away from the bombs. I had a gas mask to carry as well.

Last year I was evacuated to the countryside with my sister to keep us safe but we are now home safe with our family.

I am excited about our party to celebrate the end of the war.




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