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More "On The Water" Action

Saturday 11th May was the latest on the water session held at Leybourne Lakes by the District Water team .

The weather had improved since our last meeting as Summer appeared to have arrived , . It was also well attended  with 20 Explorers and Scouts  from 6 groups Kipling, Sputnik, !st Culverstone & Vigo,, 5th Northfleet and 31st Gravesend along with seven leaders.

The Scouts and Explorers had the choice of  SUPS, Kayaks and Bell Boats , some of the Scouts had not been in Kayaks or on SUPS, and those on SUPS despite falling in a few times grew in confidence and were able to stand during the session although as the water was warm did fall in ..

They also got to turn on the leaders in a attempt to soak them , a good time was had by all loads smiles and laughter throughout the day  

The attendees have earned badges for this event and worked toward there  Paddle Start, Discover and Explore awards.

There was also a Bell Boat Helm permit obtained by Sam Merchant of 1st Culverstone & Vigo Scouts.

The Bell Boats are on Leybourne Lake and will remain there until Beavers on Water and are able to be used by  Groups if they have Bell Boat  Helms in there Group or can ask Ged for details of Helms within the district. please contact Ged for price and availability by emailing

John Richards

Water Sports Activity Leader

More "On The Water" Action

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