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Remembrance Day Parade 2022

Please see below for the details for the Remembrance Day Parades happening this year across Gravehams on Sunday 13th November 2022.


We will meet there at 10.15am and the Parade will move off at 10.30.

Meeting place is as usual – the junction of trinity Road and Khalsa Avenue.

The service in the Windmill Hill Gardens will be from about 10.45 and after the Parade back we should be finished by 11.30 to 11.45.


Participants should assemble at 2.45pm by the Cricket Pavilion on Meopham Green and follow instructions given by Parade Marshals. The parade will march to the War Memorial at 2.55pm. Standards will take up positions within the grounds of the Memorial, others behind on the grass. On completion of the service, which is expected to last 40 minutes, those taking part will resume their positions within parade order in readiness for the march past. On arrival at the pavilion, contingents will be dismissed. They have too officially close there road from, which means there will be no parking by the side of the green, please suggest to any of your groups who will be attending, that the best options to park in Meopham School just 5-minute' walk.


Start Time 10.15

Meet at 1st Northfleet HQ, Rosherville Scout Hall, Recreation Ground, Beresford Rd, Northfleet DA11 9JU


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