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Helen is joining REQUEST2021!

Helen Smith, now the District Scout Network Commissioner of Gravesham District, originally applied to go on REQUEST2021 as a young person way back in April 2018 and attended the original selection weekend. Unfortunately, at the time she was not one of those selected because she turned 25 years old before we sail. So, Helen sat patiently in the wings as the first reserve should any of the project senior leadership team be unable to go. She has stepped up to take on the challenge in true Scouting fashion.

Helen is an active Kent Scouter and as a network scout, she delivered a fantastic #KeepKentClean project to gain her Scouts of The World Award back in 2019. She is finalising the details of her REQUEST2021 personal project but it is likely to be based around plastics in the oceans or on a similar theme.

Henson Appleby

Gravesham District Commissioner

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