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Return to face-to-face Scouting

Fraser Patrick

Deputy District Commissioner

As we plan for the return of face-to-face Scouting, the Regional services team have put together a set of online workshops to support adult recruitment and risk assessments. The workshops are designed to help Group Scout leaders and Section leaders in particular.

Adult recruitment workshop

The adult recruitment workshop focuses on recruiting parents into programme and non-programme roles as new and existing youth members return. The interactive workshop will take place on Zoom on a number of dates through March and April, it is aimed at helping all Leaders to recruit new adult volunteers. So whether it's moving the parents that have helped in the background on Zoom, from the virtual world into the room or re-engaging families you have lost contact with this is the workshop for you. The workshop will cover the following areas, thinking here and now, for socially distanced and digital programme delivery:

  • Socially distanced parent/carer engagement and how to make the most of it:

  • Using family rotas online and in bubbles

  • Welcoming new volunteers to the team

  • How to ask for help and promoting vacancies

  • The Four Week Challenge

  • Recruiting to non-uniformed roles

Details of the workshops and dates can be found here - the workshops are free but you do need to pre-register on Zoom to attend. Numbers are limit;ed for each workshop but there are plenty of dates to choose from.

Covid restart risk assessment workshop On the 6th April at 7pm we are hosting a workshop for groups or section that need support with restart risk assessments you can register you place here

Activity risk assessment workshop We are hosting two workshop for groups or section that need support with activity risk assessments you can register you place by clicking on the links below 19th April 7pm book your place here 18th May 7pm book your place here

And when it comes to restart risk assessments.... if you had one pre-lockdown, you just need to review it, no need for re-approval; if you want help / examples or have drafted a new COVID risk assessment, contact me at

Fraser Patrick

Deputy District Commissioner

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