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Scout/Explorer Service Day and Backwoods Camp

This year we had lots of different jobs to assist the service team with that formed the following list.

  • Replace Fence Posts end of West Field.

  • Dig out tree stumps around edge of west field.

  • Move log roundels from North end of woods just before Wooden Footpath Gate, to the top area of Hurricane Hill.

  • Move longer wood poles to a new pile, top area of Hurricane Hill.

  • Move Log roundels from North end of woods, through the Wooden Gate and to the right, to the top area of Hurricane Hill.

  • Rig trolley to pull roundels up Hurricane hill to top

  • Pull up some already cut timber from Hurricane Hill

  • Move pile of Chalk that the Badgers have created on the bottom Public Footpath.

thus this all led to a full hard days work by the 24 Scouts/Explorers and 10 leaders, so in short I would like to thank all the Scouts/Explorers and leaders that turned up to lend a hand and give something back to Hopehill. Backwoods Camp

This year the troops/units had the decision do they camp for 1 night or 2, this gave me some great needed time to catch up with the other leaders around the district. So as per normal following a hard day of work around Hopehill all the scouts/explorers and leaders descended into the wood to make what sort of resembled a migrant camp, there was hammocks, tarps, improvised shelters an even a couple of tents, to top it all we had a great camp and survived all of the hard work.

On the Saturday evening the scouts and explorers had the chance to have a go at the laser tag game, this became a competition between the scouts and explorers to see who could outsmart each other in winning the games, it was great to see the scouts and explorers enjoying a laser tag game together.

Darren Stanford

Assistant District Commissioner - Scouts

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