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Silver Chief Scout Award - Parker Lauder

Parker is a dedicated cub who excels and absolutely puts his heart and soul into be a cub and

gaining his badges. Parker has achieved his Silver Chief Scout Award.

Parts of the award Parker completed in lock downs and also when we were back face 2 face scouting. Parker would make power point presentations, posters, photos to pass on his knowledge that he gaining in completing all the different awards.

For his World Challenge award Parker had a visit to Guru Nanak Gurdwara when he researched and learnt about Sikhism. He found out about the temple, how they help the community and even made some lovely Indian sweets which he brought down to cubs for us all to try.

Our Skills Challenge, Parker made an exercise diary, found out about healthy eating, looked at all our different senses.

Parker for his Outdoor Challenge, learnt about keeping camping equipment properly maintained, cleaning pegs, sweeping out the inside of the tent, sorting guy lines etc.

For Parkers Local Knowledge award he found out all about Charles Dickens and about the Kent coat of arms.

Hes, kayaked, bell boated, air rifle shooting, archery, hiked, tracked, made and cooked on fires. Lead his six by example and enjoyed lots of teambuilding challenges and games.

Congratulations to Parker on achieving his award he really does deserve to wear his badge with pride.

Terry Duncumb / Lisa Whittaker

ADC Cubs / 1st Istead Cub Section Leader

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