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St Georges Day 2023 - The Info

Dear All,

Details of this year’s parade are as follows:

  • At 14.00 the Parade will form up in the middle/bottom section of the High Street.

  • This will consist of a Colour Party, District Leaders and Scout groups - Groups should bring section flags (carried by young people) but do not need a Union flag each.

  • The parade will march off at 14.20 and follow a route up High Street crossing the junction with King Street / New Road then continuing up Windmill Street. The Parade will cross Railway Place then turn right into Community Square arriving at approximately 14.30. Those who may find walking up the hill difficult should meet at the Community Square.

  • As in previous years, the District flags will be presented but groups will keep their own colours.

  • A short service and renewal of promises will then take place, led by the District Commissioner and District Chaplain.

  • At approx. 15.30 following a greeting from the Mayor or his representative and the National Anthem the service will conclude

  • We will parade back from Community Square, down Windmill Street into the High Street.

  • As the parade passes the Library on Windmill Street, there will be a saluting base.

  • The salute will be taken by the Mayor of Gravesham or his representative, the County Scout Representative, the District Commissioner, and possibly other VIPs.

  • One leader from each Group (e.g., Group Scout Leader) should call "Eyes Right" before the saluting base and "Eyes Front" afterwards. All adult leaders should salute; young people just turn their heads and look right.

  • The parade will be dismissed when it returns to where it started at approximately 15.40.

Parents and family are welcome to follow the parade and gather at the back / sides of Community Square but should be discouraged from walking beside the Parade due to congestion.

I will ensure there are sufficient orders of service on the day.

If you have any questions, please let me know ASAP.

Many thanks in advance and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Sunday 23rd.

Henson Appleby

District Commisioner

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