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Staying Safe In The Hot Weather

Over the next couple of weeks, some part of the UK are due to see record breaking temperatures, which makes it even more important to stay safe. We know that many of you may be in your final weeks of Section meetings and some of you may be enjoying camps and holiday activities over the summer. Here’s some tips you should think about:

  • Have an adaptable programme which suits the needs of your young people. Be sure to include lots of rest breaks.

  • Make sure young people are staying hydrated. Encourage them to bring along a water bottle to all activities, provide drinks if you can and allow time for short drink breaks throughout.

  • Try to keep all energetic activities, like wide games, in the evening when it’s much cooler.

  • Consider using your camping equipment to help you and the young people stay cool. Think about rolling up tent doors to allow some breeze, use camp shelters to create shade during activities.

  • Think about your food choices to help everyone keep cool. Keep food refrigerated and buy fresh if you can.

  • Encourage parents to provide sunscreen but always bring some with you just in case. Make sure you’re aware of young people’s allergies. It’s great if everyone comes wearing sun cream but remember to have time for reapplying during longer activities.

  • Make sure there’s shady areas around, or well ventilated areas if you’re indoors to give everyone a space to cool down.

You can view our full advice on staying safe in hot weather on, or by watching our summer safety video below.

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable summer in Scouting!

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