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Subs 2021

The Annual Membership Subscription (AMS, formerly known as capitation) is made up of payments to Scout Headquarters, Kent County, and Gravesham District.

Scout HQ has announced a £7.50 increase in their subs this year to £36; of this £1.50 is ring-fenced for a hardship fund to support groups. County will reduce their subs for this year only by £5 to £6.50 and District by £2.50 to £2. This will keep the AMS at £44.50 per young person on the census at the end of January, the same as last year.

This will be payable to District by groups by mid-March – the due date will be circulated when the payment date to County is known.

Many Groups were lucky enough to receive a grant from the Council for COVID support; for those Groups which did not the District will look at giving them a further discount to support them this year.


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