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The Great Indoors

Myles Sullivan

District Media Coordinator

The Great Indoors

We know the coming days and weeks are going to be difficult for families across the UK, as the spread of Covid-19 causes schools to close. As the experts in developing skills and bringing adventure to young people, we want to do what we can to help.

While we normally love the great outdoors, we’ve pulled together some inspired indoor activity ideas (if we do say so ourselves). Keep your kids learning new skills and having fun (and avoid hearing ‘I’m bored’ every 30 seconds) all in #TheGreatIndoors.

For Leaders, Young Leaders, Explorers or parents with a skill they want to share

You may have seen over the last few days the rise in activities people are organising over group video calls. From choirs to live music performances. Well in here in Gravesham we haven't been quiet either with groups starting virtual meetings, and setting virtual tasks to keep our young people active.

Check out this post from Fraser at Shorne Cubs who ran their first virtual meeting. CLICK HERE


Check out this video from Laura at 11th Gravesend where she set her beavers a Mother's Day challenge.

Top tips for staying connected?

Facebook Live Meetings (Only if you have a private Facebook group for your unit)

Why not try doing a live stream meeting

Teach your unit how to do a bowline knot? Or Make pasta from scratch (Only takes 1 egg and 100g of flour) Or see who can build the best living room fort out of your unit?

Houseparty App

A face to face social network, connect with your unit and play games together. Play Quick Draw! or see whos the best in the Trivia quiz or at completing the song lyrics.

(Please review the app yourself and ask parent to review before you plan to do a meeting via it).

Netflix Party

Or how about a unit movie night with a group netflix party. Get the whole unit together with a synchronized video playback and a group chat.

(You will need netflix logins to do this)

If any leaders need any help working out how to connect digitally feel free to email me and I will help out

Stay staff and keep on smiling

Yours In Scouting,

Myles Sullivan

District Media Coordinator

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