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Trustees' Blog - June 2024

A summary of news from the latest Trustee’s meeting on 17th June 2024.

Annual General Meeting - Gravesham District Scout Council will be holding the AGM at Hopehill on Friday 20th September 2024, starting at 8pm. Everyone involved with the district is invited to attend. The Mayor Councillor Daniel Adewale King and Chris Doll (county representative) will be attending. 

Governance - From the AGM the Board of Trustees will be more focussed on Governance than Operations. Under the new constitution there will be 12 Trustees.. 2 are ex-officio - District Lead Volunteer (Fraser Patrick) and District Youth Lead (Jack Reeves). 2 Trustees should be aged between 18 and 25 and we will have 2 named positions out of the 12 (Chair and Treasurer). Trustees will be appointed through an “open selection process”. It was decided that a form asking for people to apply with some basic information will be issued in the next few weeks via a blog, the website, emails and on some local volunteering boards. Recommendations at the Board of Trustees meeting in September. If we have more recommendations than spaces an election will happen at the AGM, otherwise the appointments will be approved at the AGM. 

Youth Lead Report - Jack shared a report summarising the success of St George’s Day, Kontiki and Cubs on Water. There is a Young Leader Training for Module A on 22nd July at Windmill Hill. 

Training - The Trustees discussed training and costs. We do need more air-rifle instructors trained and Midas training has become more expensive following changes on how that is assessed. First Response will continue to be supplied free to all leaders. After a discussion it was agreed that we have a nominated number of people for external qualifications that are needed in the District and that where someone is filling one of those roles the person can apply for District to pay 50% towards the cost of the qualification, with them either paying the reminder themselves or asking their group to cover this cost. When someone is renewing an external qualification, the Trustees will look at how regularly they used the qualification for the benefit of the young people in the District when determining if funding will be provided.

Hopehill - Following an ecological survey of the Madeline Allen Toilet Block, bat droppings were found. We need to have further investigations done to ascertain if bats are living in the block which may impact the plans for the new facilities. In the meantime, it was agreed that a small extension to the service crew toilets would be funded and built to increase its capacity to 5 toilets and a shower for uni-sex use. Following reviews about cleaning of the Madeline Allen Block, the procedure for cleaning by users is being updated. The Climbing Tower is being assessed on 6th August after which we hope to be in a position to get the operating procedures approved and climbing to be available again. 

Section Reports - The section leaders updated the Trustees about events (these can be found in the District Calendar) and there were no questions for the sections.

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