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We are on the look for a new District Commissioner / District Lead Volunteer

We are on the look for a new District Commissioner / District Lead Volunteer

Your District Commissioner, Henson Appleby, is standing down. I would like to thank Henson for the work he has put into the role during this time and to start the process of finding a successor.

Scouting is a Movement and as such we should move with the times; to this end we might consider splitting the District Commissioner/District Lead Volunteer responsibilities between a number of DCs/DLVs (Team DC/District Lead Volunteer Team).

Your District might be better served by having several DC/DLV each with a specific remit; or it may be best to keep to one DC/DLV.

Whichever approach is taken, the first stage is to generate a list of people who may have the qualities to fill the position(s).

The choice of successful candidate(s) will be based on ability to lead, listen, relate to young and older members alike, and a real enthusiasm to move Scouting forward. Age, gender, ethnicity and years of Scouting service will not be taken into consideration. To prevent the building up of false hopes, please submit nominations without approaching the individual concerned.

You can personally contribute to this search in the following ways:

  • Circulate this request for nominations to all adults involved in Scouting within your area of responsibility. This may be verbally, by mail, via a newsletter or email. We will email the nomination form to those of you we have an email addresses for but please contact Alison in the County Office – if you haven’t received one and would like one.

  • Let me know the names of people you think would or wouldn’t make a good District Commissioner or be part of “Team DC”, and who might be suitable in the future, by either completing the enclosed form or completing the online nomination form which can be found at

  • Nominate yourself. To do this put your name, current role, and your priorities for the first 12 months, if appointed, on one side of A4. Your Scouting history is not required.

Nominations and expressions of interest can be sent using the enclosed form or by letter, in an envelope marked Confidential – District Commissioner / “Team DC” Nomination to: The County Office, Kent Scout Activity Centre, Lower Grange Farm, Grange Lane, Sandling, Maidstone, ME14 3DA. Alternatively email you nomination to

Nominations should be received on or before Sunday 22 October 2023.

Finally, may I remind you, that as a recipient of this letter you are likely to be in the best position to know the needs of the District and potential candidates. Please play your part in ensuring that due consideration is given to all possible candidates by submitting your nominations.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Yours in Scouting

Dean Harding

County Commissioner

DC Nomination Form Oct 2023
Download DOCX • 22KB

We are on the look for a new District Commissioner / District Lead Volunteer

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