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Winter Camp 2020

Darren Stanford

Assistant District Commissioner - Scouts

Yet another great weekend at Hopehill, this year we were blessed with some windy weather on Friday whilst the the Scouts and Explorers were putting up the tents but this didn't phase any of them, they just got on with it putting up there tents ready for the skill packed weekend they had ahead of them.

We had 43 young persons attending this with lots of 1st timer scouts this year eager to find out what Wintercamp is all about, with the learning of new skills and for the older ones having a refresher to ensure they are equipped and ready to tackle Hillcraft in the lake district or any camps that are arranged by their groups.

Friday evening this year the scouts and explorers they had to complete a new challenge this year with creating a route card from the map that was on the floor of the main hall, all of the scouts and explorers enjoyed this new activity as they could get involved with the map by walking over the map to get the information, (look out next year for a new twist on this).

On saturday the Scouts and explorers they were divided into teams and went off around the 9 bases situated around Hopehill to learn or get a refresher on the activity that the District leadership team on the bases had set out.

The bases are 1st Aid / Emergencies, Fitness, Safety on steep ground, Stoves, Food, Shopping, Equipment, Campcraft, Navigation.

Saturday evening the scouts and explorers had a fun evening run by Network, where they had to complete a number of challenges within teams of parts that they had learnt throughout the day, the evening finished with a film for them to relax and watch.

Sunday see all the winter campers doing a micro Navigation course setup by Network, was great fun seeing the scouts and explorers running around Hopehill to find the little boxes to get the stamps for there sheet.

This year we had a little competition running to see who was the best scout and explorer and which team gained the most points over at the bases on Saturday .

The results are as follows:

Best Scout:

1st Ben Woodgate (1st Northfleet)

2nd Morgan Wade (1st Istead Rise)

3rd Josh Rayfield, Stanley Andrew (1st Istead rise), Daisy Drewet (1st Meopham), Keaton Young, Tegan Hobbs (1st Northfleeto)

Best Explorer

1st Adam Perrott (Sputnik)

2nd Oliver Beasley (Apollo), Ellie Patrick (Pheonix), Matt Fooks (Sputnik) and

Best Scout Team

1st (3rd Gravesend/1st Windmill Hill)

2nd (1st Istead Rise )

3rd (1st Northfleet/5th Northfleet/1st Meopham)

Best Explorer Team

1st Sputnik

2nd Pheonix / Kipling

3rd Apollo

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those leaders that gave up there weekend to make this event possible, I couldn't have done it without all of you.

Please look out for Winter Camp 2021, it is open to all Troops / Units for all scouts and explorers, this event can be used by the roops /units as a camp for the scouts / explorers to gain extra knowledge, also leaders can attend the event if you would like to learn or refresh your skills.

Darren Stanford

Assistant District Commissioner - Scouts


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