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Shorne Cubs first on-line meeting

Fraser Patrick

Cub Leader Shorne Scouts + DDC Gravesham

Last night Shorne Cubs held their first virtual meeting - the same Mother's Day crafts that were planned for the meeting at the hut.

The meeting was held in the pack's secret facebook group, which only parents and leaders are members of. Akela recorded a video explaining the meeting and scheduled the post to appear at 18:30, the normal start time. All the parents were emailed through OSM as usual with details of the meeting.

Then at 18.31 Bagheera posted the first activity - make a trinket box - with video instructions and helpful hints. The leaders were on line to help and support, and the cubs (with their parents) posted pictures and videos of their progress. They went on to make flowers and have a truffle making challenge to fill the box.

At the end of the night Akela updated badge progress on OSM and awarded several cubs badges - and several more cubs are going to complete the challenges at the weekend.

Next week we have activity badge testing!

Fraser Patrick

Cub Leader Shorne Scouts + DDC Gravesham

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