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Henson Appleby

District Commissioner

Henson leads the District of over 1000 people.  He also leads the clay pigeon and air rifle shooting activites for Gravesham.

Fraser Patrick

Deputy District Commissioner

Fraser deputises for and supports Henson.  He was formerly the District Treasurer and is also a Cub Leader and a hillwalking instructor

Keith Jones

District Chair

Keith has been a valued member of Gravesham Scouts for many years and has supported in various ways. He is now also the chair of the District Board of Trustees. Ensuring that it fulfills the role and responsibilities within Gravesham District Scouts.

Keith Jones

Jack Reeves

District Youth Commissioner

Jack represents the views of the young people in the District.  He is the Assistant Cub Leader of 5th Northfleet, a scout network member and also help with district explorer meetings


Marion Weston

Assistant District Commissioner -
Beaver Scouts

Marion supports the Beaver leaders in Gravesham and co-ordinates a series of district events for them.


Assistant District Commissioner - 
Cub Scouts

Interested in supporting a Gravesham Scouts and taking on the Role? Reach out.

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Darren Stanford

Assistant District Commissioner - 

Darren runs a number of District events for Scouts and Explorers.  He is a Scout Leader and one of the wardens at Hopehill.
He also rides a motorbike.

Dave Moesli

District Explorer Scout Commissioner

Dave co-ordinates the four Explorer units in Gravesham, including organising District meetings and supporting the Explorer leaders. He also co-ordnates support for Young Leaders in Gravesham.


Lucy Stanford

District Network Scout Commissioner

Lucy helps the Network members organise their programme and provides details of the many opportunities open to them.

Lucy Stanford.jpeg

Jan Jones

Active Support Manager

Jan coordinates the work and social activities for the Gravesham Active Support Unit.

Pat Duncumb

District Secretary

As well as being District Secretary, Pat co-ordinates archery for Gravesham Scouts and is the Kent Scouts 14-25 Awards Commissioner.

Sue Livett

District Treasurer

As well as looking after the Districts finances, Sue is also a Cub Leader.

Rob Viner

District Appointments Secretary

Rob oversees the appointment process for adults, whether new to Scouting or changing roles.  He is also the Group Scout Leader for 3rd Gravesend. 

Myles Sullivan

District Media Coordinator

Myles co-ordinates the website and other media for Gravesham Scouts.

Lynda Sawell

District Chaplain

Lynda's role is to offer support to leaders as they facilitate young people's exploration of faith, beliefs and attitudes; and engage in a positive journey of spiritual development within Scouting.

Alan Skelton

HopeHill Manager

Alan is responsible for running the Hopehill site, overseeing the maintenance and operations. 


Tracey Jarvis

District Duke of Edinburgh Advisor 

Tracey coordinates the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme in Gravesham, running monthly training sessions, and organising various training weekends. 

Del Jarvis

District Activities Permit Advisor

Del works with our District team to help people upskill and achieve permits to allow them to run activities in the District.

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