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57th Easter Hillcraft

57th Easter Hillcraft

At the start of the Easter holidays the 57th (we think!) Hillcraft trip took place, our

annual hillwalking trip to the Lake District.

Gravesham Scouts Easter hillcraft Group Photo

This year we had 33 Scouts and Explorers from Gravesham, 7 Gold Duke of

Edinburgh participants and 33 adult volunteers making sure everything ran smoothly

from leading the teams in the hills, managing base camp and driving the minibuses

around each day!

Throughout the week all our teams undertook a variety of walks, all suited to their

abilities. There was plenty of peak bagging, cave visits and even ice creams


Gravesham Scouts Easter hillcraft Group Photo With an Icecream

The weather was certainly varied this time around (being end of March/early April

probably didn’t help!) – experiencing sun, rain, winds and even snow at points!

Some of our young people got to experience nights in the hills, far away from the

busy towns up in remote locations. Carrying all their kit required – tents, food,

clothes, sleeping bags – they would do a full days walk before getting to their

overnight location, then complete another full days walk the next day before reaching

their end location and returning to base camp. Overnighters are an amazing

experience in the hills that we hope that all our participants at Hillcraft will aspire to

when they are ready and capable.

Gravesham Scouts Easter hillcraft Group Photo Over night camping in the Lake District Hills, Wild Camping Explorers adventuring

Gravesham Scouts Easter hillcraft Group Photo Climbing Sharp edge, a thin rocky path high in the sky not for the faint hearted

Another experience included scrambling, which is a bit more of a technical skill

where use of hands is involved to manoeuvre yourself, but isn’t as full on as actual

rock climbing. On the final day 3 of our teams took on the formidable Sharp Edge, all

completing it, giving a huge sense of achievement. To see the scale check out the

image below.

Hillcraft isn’t all hardcore adventure though! Our teams are built around the

capabilities of the young people. Some of our teams are introduced gently to the

aspect of hillwalking with smaller, more achievable walks – reaching small peaks,

visiting caves, mines and other iconic locations in the Lake District.

Gravesham Scouts Easter hillcraft Group Photo Walking next to a Lake in the Lake District, Tarn Water

All our teams learn new skills whilst we are in the hills - navigation, teamwork etc.

Hillcraft is all about growing our amazing young people in Gravesham and giving

them experiences that they just wouldn’t get elsewhere.

Gravesham Scouts Easter hillcraft Group Photo Explorers Map Reading, OS Maps, Compass, Navigation, Lake District

Hillcraft is a fantastic event, but without the commitment of a large number of

volunteers, all with varying experience in the hills, it wouldn’t happen. I want to pass

on a huge personal THANK YOU to every volunteer that helps make Hillcraft happen

year in year out. Without you guys we wouldn’t be still doing this 57 years after it all


In the fairly near future, information for our Autumn Hillcraft event, which takes place

in October and this year will be taking place in Snowdonia, will be out. It’s 4 days

aimed at continuing the education of skills in the hills and introducing our young

people to hills, but staying in a bunkhouse! Keep your eyes peeled for that!

Dave Norris

Hills Team Lead

57th Easter Hillcraft

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