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Explorer Scout News - April 24

Explorer Scout News - April 24


Gravesham Explorers activities

As many of you will know the 4 District Explorer Units hold a joint meeting once a month when they all take part in the same activity. Last Monday (22 April) the Explorers undertook a Scout Skill bases at Hopehill Campsite. Over 50 Explorers took part and the bases included providing emergency aid in the rather unlikely scenario of a leader who’d had an accident with a step ladder in the middle of Hopehill Woods (but his acting deserved an Oscar), trying to solve Chris Austin’s water challenge (only a plumber could arrange for a drainpipe to have so many small holes in it!), tieing a knot in a piece of spaghetti,  tieing as many different knots and lashings in 10 minutes, a map bearing exercise and finally creating designs for a new District Explorer Scout logo. So there was something for everyone. The accompanying pictures tell the story better than words.


In May, the units will take part in their annual Monopoly Run, which this year is in Rochester and this will be followed by a Cooking Competition in June. The term rounds off in July with a Barbeque and Games night at Hopehill.


Later in the year the Explorers will come together again for Bowling, a Casino Night, Panic Rooms and Ice Skating – so there is a lot to look forward too.

Dave Moesli

Explorer Scout News - April 24

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