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Beavers Building Bridges


11th Gravesend (St Marys)

Have you thought about the work that goes into building bridges, their shape, how strong they are, and how they are made? Then have a look at what 11th Gravesend (St Marys) have been doing during lockdown as we have had great fun finding out, and you can get involved too.

Lego, K’Nex, paper, ice. There are so many ways that you can build a bridge, but can it hold its own weight?

What load can you add before it collapses? Is it big enough for you to fit under? At 11th we have been working on all of these things. Developing our knowledge, skills and teamwork with our families, while creating some amazing structures, enabling us to cover multiple badge criteria in the process.

As leaders, we were looking at new ways to keep the beavers involved and engaged, especially while we have been running remote sessions during lockdowns. A grant from the Rochester Bridge Trust opened up a whole new path for us, as it meant that we could provide bags of equipment for each young person, removing any barriers around the accessibility of resources, and given us valuable STEM kit to use going forward when back in our community hall. They also have a whole program of free online learning activities and ideas that you can use, from science to agriculture.

The Rochester Bridge Trust is keen to encourage more groups to apply for this grant and want to spread the word of the program they have available. If you would like any more information from us please email me ( or go directly to the Rochester Bridge Trust website (


11th Gravesend (St Marys)

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