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Block Car Finals 2022

So block car finals are coming up.. I'll start by reminding Meopham (Best Car Trophy) and C&V (Fastest Car Trophy) to bring the trophies to the final, or drop them to Hopehill any Wednesday daytime or weekend, before the event so we have them to award.

1) getting kits

kits cost £4 each (you won't believe how much the cost of wheels has increased!!)

I am now taking orders for kits and will deliver asap (all components due to be delivered by Friday and I am making up the kits on Sunday - hopefully)

Please reply with the number of kits your pack would like asap.

I can do a sale and return on Finals Day, but only accept unopened kits for return

I have attached a copy of the rules to this email and there is a copy with each kit.

2) Pack Finals

let me know what date your pack would like the track (we have 2 tracks available for this which should make it work) and I will arrange a rota to move the tracks around the District so that it ends up at Hopehill by 4th November so that I can build it in the morning ready for the finals.

I already have bookings for the track on

- 21st October (1st Northfleet)

- 1st October (Shorne)

dates will be confirmed on a first come first serve basis.

3) District Final

- 5th November at Hopehill .

- We will book cars in on the day from 1:30pm with racing and judging starting at 2pm

- Packs will need to supervise their young people, parents welcome (1 per cub max).

- I will need help on the day with running the event

Terry Duncumb

Assistant District Commissioner - Cub Scouts

Block Car Rules and Information
Download PDF • 478KB


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