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Congratulations Nathan - Chief Scout Gold Award

Heather Johnston

1st Istead Rise Scout Leader

Nathan Harbour from 1st Istead Rise Scout Group has completed his Chief Scouts Gold Award while on lockdown! He should be incredibly proud of this achievement! As well as gaining this award, he has become a confident role model and team leader, which has had a positive knock-on effect for the younger Scouts that have come into our troop. He has worked incredibly hard to achieve this award and has written a bit about what has contributed towards it.

From Nathan

Since I joined Beavers at age 6, I have always had lots of fun; I have a lot of fond memories that will always be with me. Since I became a Scout I have been working towards completing all the challenge badges to achieve my Chief Scout's Gold Award. I was working towards completing the last of my challenge badges and the world got looked down as we tried to fight the coronavirus. The last challenge badge actually gave me something to focus on and I was able to spend time researching/teaching myself the things I needed to put together a presentation. Scouts have given me opportunities to learn and do things I may never have done. It has taken me out of my comfort zone and helped me face fears, it has given me a better appreciation of the world around me.

list of activities/life lessons/skills learnt whilst working towards my badges is almost endless, just a few of them are: * kayaking * pico sailing * paddle boarding * canoeing * raft building * night hikes * camping * performing in panto * wall climbing * abseiling * orienteering * karate * archery * cooking * learning about other religions and cultures * running stall to raise money for charity * learning the violin * various household chores * knot tieing * health and safety in various activities * reading maps * fishing Some of my favourite activities that I have taken part in are JP Bond cooking camp, Kayaking courses to achieve paddle power passport Level 5, Kontiki (lots of fun) and the newest activity is Clay pigeon shooting every month in which I have already competed in a competition.


Darren Stanford

ADC Scouts

Congratulations to Nathan Harbour from 1st Istead Rise Scouts on achieving his Gold Award, from reading his blog he has put a lot of hard work in to get this award, as ADC Scouts I look forward to seeing Nathan and congratulating him on his achievement.

How to achieve your Chief Scout Gold Award?

The Chief Scout Gold Award is the top badge a scout can earn after completing the challenge badges some of these can be gain in no time at all and there are others that take a lot of time, for someone to complete the challenge badges and then receive the Gold Award is a great honor for them as it shows the hard work that they have achieved in there time as a scout, the badge can then be warn pride and place on their uniform.  I always feel proud to be notified that a scout has archived their Gold award as it makes us know that as leaders we are doing the right thing in teaching them the skills to gain these awards.

So if any of you scouts out there want to know how you can achieve your gold award just ask your leader.

Heather Johnston

1st Istead Rise Scout Leader

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