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Cub Block Car Races

Terry Duncumb

ADCC - Assistant District Commissioner Cubs

It was a good afternoon for the District Finals of the Cubs Block Car Competition with entries from 8/12 packs, with 48 cars racing to find the Fastest Car and 16 cars vying to be chosen by our impartial judge as the Best Looking Car.  The cubs attending appeared to have all brought parents (and some grandparents) to see their cars race. Winning information is as follows.

Fastest car

1st place = Ollie Green (1st Meopham)

2nd place = Michael Perratt (C &V)

3rd place = Archie Woolard (C&V)

Best looking cars

Winner = Harry Lucas (1st Shorne)

Runner Up = Oliver Flight (31st Gravesend)

Well done to all the Cubs across the District who participated in the event at the Packs, Competition must have been stiff, given the quality of those cars which made it to the Finals. And thank you to the leaders who organised it all, and the parents who supported their young people in manufacturing their entries.

Terry Duncumb

ADCC - Assistant District Commissioner Cubs

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