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Explorer Scouts explore virtual meetings in lockdown

Dave Moesli

District Explorer Scout Commissioner

So the Spring is here at last and Gravesham Explorer Scouts should have been looking forward to the annual Easter trip to the Lake District and another opportunity to explore the magnificent fells and lakes and to hone their navigation skills in wild and beautiful countryside. But, of course, this year it just wasn't possible.

However, with face to face Scout meetings canceled, the four Gravesham District Explorer Scout Units have not given up on their Scouting but have started holding online video meetings at their regular 7.30 pm slots on a Monday evening.

These are early days, but already Sputnik has run an online quiz, complete with a music round and Apollo and Sputnik have both tried Origami online. These unit meetings have provided an important link between the Explorers and have also given them a chance to catch up with their friends and leaders during this extraordinary time.

However, on Easter Monday the Explorers decided to be ambitious and to bring all four units together for a "District Meeting" where everyone would make a microwave cupcake during the hour-long online meeting. Following tradition, Matt Fooks from Sputnik unfurled a Union Jack in his kitchen and the microwave "bake-off" was on. A total of 28 Explorers and Leaders then got mixing and microwaving their cakes before each participant described their results.

Yes, the Explorers all want to get back to "normal" Scouting, rather than viewing their friends on a screen, but in the meantime, meetings continue online and if the lockdown goes on for a long period the Explorers are going to be prepared.

Dave Moesli

District Explorer Scout Commissioner

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