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Explorer Summee Camp 23

Over the summer holidays Kipling, Apollo and a small group from sputnick went on summer camp to Hensley Scout camp in Sheffield. There was a specific reason we went to this campsite, and this was because Daniel Griggs was being assessed for his nights away permit and he knows the sit4r very well. So firstly a huge congratulations to Dan for successfully gaining his nights away permit.

We took 19 explorers and 8 adults away doing archery, climbing, inflatable fun, a visit to Bakewell, swimming, hill walking, golf and lots of other camp activities.

The first pictures I would like to share with you is of the hill walking. Six explorers took on Kinder Scout under the watchful eye of Dom Humphrey (Isted Rise scout leader) and Daniel Brown ( Kipling ESL)

What would a camp be without its very own talent show and the explorers did not disappoint. We had the human pyramid and an explorer version of the Jermery Kyle show.

The serious amounts of tea that were consumed by these two alone was impressive.

We had a special guest at camp this year and it has been demanded by the explores that she returns next year.

Not forgetting the campfires, the trip to bakewell, mini golf and camp time. I have put together some more pictures of our camp. But for know I will leave you with the two pictures below. See you next year campers.

Hannah Booth

Explorer Scout Leader - Apollo

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