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JP Bond 2022

What a great weekend, sun was out and the ground was dry, a great recipe for holding a cooking and camping competition at our great Hopehill 5 acre Field.

A total of 4 scout patrols and 4 explorer patrols turned up on Friday evening all ready and willing to get started on the competition, once the patrol inspections were completed they then moved all the camping gear down to the glades within 5Acre field and started to set up camp.

The competition was now underway. The format of the weekend was lots of cooking and various inspections throughout the weekend checking for a number of factors including camp layout and cleanliness.

For each of the meals that the patrols made they had to serve this to a guest judge to eat with them, who gave them points for the cooking and how they acted as a patrol. After each meal the patrols were inspected on various sections of their camp setup and cleanliness.

During the rest of the time, they had to produce camp gadgets to assist with the running of the camp, and each of these was also judged on the pioneering skills of the patrol.

After all of the above scores were sorted there had to be a set of winners:


1 st place = 1 st C & V,

2 nd place = 1 st Higham,

3 rd place = 31 st Gravesend Training team


1 st place = Kipling ESU

2 nd place = Sputnik ESU

3 rd place = Apollo ESU

If you would like to know more about JP Bond please contact me.

Darren Stanford

Assistant District Scout Commissioner

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