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Squirrels Rarebreeds Day

Squirrels Rarebreeds Day

Squirrels Day Trip to see Rarebreeds Animals

On Saturday 16th March 12 Squirrels, 2 leaders and 5 parent helpers visited Rarebreeds with 200 other squirrels from Dreys within the Kent District. We started by seeing some farm animals followed by some stories and singing. We each turned our hand to milk a cow, it was a lot of fun. We were excited by having lunch outside with lots of happy faces. We next climbed aboard the tractor for a ride which took us right to the top of the farm where we climbed, ran and had a fun muddy time. We come down and found giant chairs before coming back through parks where we had lots of fun climbing, swinging and balancing. We continued on to find other animals including birds in the aviary which we saw close up that flew around us. We ended our day having a final tractor ride saying goodbye to the animals and farm before heading to the soft play. This was our first trip out and every squirrel did us all proud. All squirrels received a special badge to remember the fun and exciting time we had that day.

Thank you to all the parent helpers who helped Scooby and myself on the day and to the parents who brought their squirrel to join us.

Melissa (Thumper)

31st Squirrel Section leader volunteer

Squirrels Rarebreeds Day

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