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Winter Camp 2024

Winter Camp 2024

Winter Camp 2024 Scouts and Explorers learning how to map read

When and Where Wintercamp will be from 18.00 on Friday 2nd February until 10.30am Sunday 4th February 2024 at Hopehill Camp Site, Meopham. Easter Hillcraft candidates should note that they will finish at 12.45 pm on the Sunday. The camp is open to all Scouts, Explorer Scouts. DoE candidates. Attendance at this camp is compulsory for all Scouts/Explorers/Leaders who will be attending Easter Hillcraft for the first time in 2024 as an assessment will need to be made of equipment suitability and skill level. Scouts who may be interested in participating in the Autumn Hillcraft in October 2024 and those planning to participate in the District Hike competition in September will find participation in this camp beneficial. Explorer/Network Scouts planning DofE expeditions this summer need to attend this camp to have your training signed. The Camp Wintercamp will focus on preparing and improving Scouting skills that are essential for hiking and camping in both the hills and on expeditions (such as Hillcraft, District Hike and Duke of Edinburgh Award). All materials and tuition is provided by experienced leaders in planning and recording routes, first aid, campcraft, safety, cooking, emergency procedures, navigation, camp equipment, rope work, etc. Scouts will be put in groups and the training undertaken will be adjusted by group to suit the ability levels and experience of the participants. Troop/Unit Leader‘s must be satisfied that their Scouts can cope with camping under what might be difficult weather conditions. All campers must be self-supporting for the weekend, using lightweight camping equipment and have warm winter clothing and sleeping bags that are suitable for winter conditions. Most Troops/Units will be able to supply tents and stoves allowing you to concentrate on getting the right personal equipment. It is recommended that you discuss with your Troop/Unit Leader what equipment you should get before it is bought. Everybody attending Winter Camp will need to provide their own food (in consultation with their troop/unit leader to ensure its suitability) + personal first aid kit + compass. Additional information including kit list and menu ideas are detailed on page 2. The Cost and Application Details The cost of Wintercamp will be £15.00 per Scout/Explorer payable on the day, any surplus or shortfall in costs will be added to or taken from general funds as appropriate. All applicants under 18 years old must complete the online Permission to Camp form. We will confirm the Scout/Explorer is adequately skilled and equipped for the event by contacting their Troop/Unit leader. It is the Troop/Unit Leaders responsibility to ensure that the Scout/Explorer is adequately skilled and equipped for the event. Any applicants over 18, Network members or leaders, must contact Darren directly. Suggested Winter Camp Meals As part of the preparation for camping in the hills and on expedition; special training is to be given in the campcraft associated with the preparation of the meals. Below you will find a selection of menu ideas for suitable meals. You should discuss these with your Troop/Unit when planning food to bring. All meals should be accompanied by hot drinks. If any participants are camping as a team then it is sensible to purchase the same food as they can cook it together rather than wait for a stove to become available. Suggested Menus Menu 1 Main Meal: Beanfeast soya mince/pasta. Pudding: Fruit trifle (carton)

Breakfast: Instant porridge, raisons (or other addition based on personal taste) Lunch: Rolls filled with cheese slices/chocolate spread/peanut butter, mixed nuts, cake. Menu 2 Main Meal: Tinned stew or macaroni cheese, new potatoes and vegetables (all canned) Pudding: Rice pudding (canned) + currents & raisins (dried) or jam Breakfast: All day breakfast (in a can) + roll Lunch: wraps + packet tuna, cake, fruit, drink Menu 3 Main Meal: Packet hotdogs, stuffing mix, instant smash, cup a soup Pudding: Tinned fruit (your choice) + custard (carton or instant) Breakfast: Scotch pancakes (jam/chocolate spread) Lunch: Pita Pockets + squirty cheese, crisps, cake, fruit Winter Camp Kit Check List

  • The following kit will be needed at camp in addition to Top Half UNIFORM:

  • Good Sleeping bag 3-4 season and sleepmat

  • Kitbag, rucksack or holdall with waterproof liner

  • Personal First Aid Kit, Personal medication

  • Survival bag

  • Emergency rations

  • Waterproof jacket, leggings and gaiters

  • Fleece and warm sweater(s)

  • Hiking boots, socks, boot wax and spare laces

  • Hat/balaclava, gloves/mitts and scarf

  • Spare clothes, socks and underclothes

  • Trainers (optional)

  • Wash kit and towel

  • Lightweight stove, fuel and cooking pans

  • Mug, dishes, knife, fork and spoon

  • Drinks, food for duration of camp and emergency rations

  • Water bottle, Thermos flask

  • Packed lunch box – with lunch for Saturday

  • Plastic bags

  • Map case, map and compass (Silva type)

  • Torch with spare batteries

  • Pencil or ballpoint pen and small notebook

  • Watch and whistle All items should be CLEARLY AND INDELIBLY MARKED with your name.

The Closing date Bookings will close online on Sunday 28th January 2024. Any issues after this date please contact me directly.

I can be contacted on 07866331649 or by e-mail at if you have any queries.

Darren Stanford

Assistant District Commissioner - Scouts

Winter Camp 2024 - Information
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Winter Camp 2024

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