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DC Blog Summer 2023

It gives me a great deal of pleasure to announce the following Gravesham Leaders on their recent awards.

Congratulations to each and every one of them. All very much deserved.


Award For Merit

Neil Gemmell (1st Meopham)

Sue Livett (1st Windmill Hill & District Treasurer)

Dave Norris (1st Northfleet)

Suzi Patrick (1st Shorne)

Richard Ruddick (Riverview Park & Gravesham District)

Darren Stanford (4th Gravesend & ADC Scouts)

Karen Treadwell (5th Northfleet & Gravesham District)

James Treadwell (5th Northfleet)

Rob Viner (3rd Gravesend & District Appointments)


Chief Scouts Commendation for Good Service

Hannah Booth (Apollo ESU)


Congratulations all

Henson Appleby

District Commissioner


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