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Dragons' Den is returning for 2023!

Are you ready to take on the Dragons? Can you show The Dragons the biggest return on investment by planning and delivering a youth shaped fundraising project in your District?

Project Aim: To motivate youth shaped, collaborative fundraising projects in Kent, which raise money to grow, develop, and retain the youth membership of Scouts locally. Funds Available: Grants of up to £2000 from Kent Scouts, subject to proposal details. The Dragons: We will confirm the panel of Dragons nearer to the event. There will be around five Dragons, who will discuss each proposal and award grants based on which proposals they think are the most youth shaped and have the most potential for success. They’ll decide how many proposals are awarded funds, as well as how much to award in each case – if you think you can persuade them to give you all £2000, then go for it!

How it works:

1 – Establish concepts, and agree on a single, specific plan 2 – Tell us your proposal title and Project Lead by email 3 – Submit a proposal by 11.59 pm on 6 March 2023 4 – Pitch to The Dragons in late February or early March (TBC) 5 – Dragons discuss and select projects to fund (or partially fund) 6 – Successful teams will be emailed by 31 March 2023 7 – Successful proposals can commence delivery from 1 April 2023 8 – The Dragons will reward the team who achieves the highest return on their investment (as a proportion of the initial grant, of course) 9 – Projects must conclude by 31 December 2023

What should the proposal cover?

  • An overview of the project and your planned budget

  • How much you are asking The Dragons to award in total

  • The expected return on The Dragons' 'investment'

  • How the raised funds will be used to grow, develop, and/or retain youth membership

  • How you'll update Kent Scouts on your progress

  • How young people have been involved in the planning and ideas phase

  • How the project will develop or motivate youth shaped Scouts throughout its delivery

  • Who will be responsible for the delivery of the project if you are awarded funds

Essential Criteria:

  • Teamwork between the District Commissioner and the District Youth Commissioner

  • Funds raised from the project must benefit young people in your District

  • The project must develop youth shaped Scouts within the District

Desirable Qualities:

  • High return on The Dragons' 'investment'

  • Could (and likely would) still go ahead in some form without The Dragons' money

  • Evidence of communication and discussion between the project team and the District Executive Committee

Districts that submit a proposal will be invited to pitch to The Dragons in person. You should plan for the pitch to be 10 minutes long and come prepared to answer questions from The Dragons afterwards.

How you present your proposal to The Dragons is totally up to you. Grants will be awarded based on the merit of the proposals themselves, not the flashiness of the presentations, so you don’t need to prepare any musical numbers or magic tricks. An interesting, engaging pitch which is clear and specific will be more successful than one which is difficult to follow or leaves out key details.

Check out even more details on their website - LINK

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