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Free Southern Water Wastewater Talk

Free Southern Water Wastewater Talk


Dear Scouts, I am part of a small team at Southern Water that is trying to raise awareness about our sewer network and how we can all help in protecting it and our environment. Wet Wipes (even flushable ones) are currently a massive problem for the water industry. They not only cause blockages in our network but, our treatment process is unable to remove the micro plastics that are part of these wipes. Inevitably, these plastics end up in our seas and cause a massive amount of damage to the animals that ingest them. If possible, we would love the opportunity to come to as many scouts groups within the whole of Kent and give a short presentation highlighting some of the issues that can arise when the wrong types of products get into our network and what to do to dispose of items correctly. We also talk about the history of the sewers, the process on how we treat wastewater and touch on plastic pollution too. The presentations are fun, interactive and we try to use visual aids so the children can see what happens to our sewers if the wrong items are flushed or put down the sink. We also have an augmented reality game which is a really fun way of helping children decide whether items go in the bin or toilet. This is a free game that the children can download at home if they would like to. The presentation lasts around 30-60 minutes depending on questions and we also show a short video as part of the talk, however where time is tight, we can adjust the presentation to fit into what time is available. As part of the visit, we give everyone a bag of freebies which has information, children’s activity booklets and products to use at home to help keep the sewers clear and protect the environment. If you feel that your groups would find the presentation interesting and beneficial, please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind regards,

Matthew Collins – Southern Water

Email address: Telephone number: 07780490369

Free Southern Water Wastewater Talk

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