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Gravesham Explorer Scouts 20th Anniversary Camp

Explorer Scouts are 20 years old this year and in the Spring, Hannah Booth, ESL at Apollo Explorers suggested we should celebrate the fact by having a special District camp where the Explorers finally got to do their most wanted activity – Paintballing. So in just 24 hours from midday on Saturday the Explorers went Paintballing at the new Delta Force site near Orpington, returned to Hopehill for

a celebration meal, prepared by Head Chef Fraser Patrick and the following morning undertook two service activities at Hopehill under the supervision of Alan Skelton. The site was packed away by 11.30am and the 27 Explorers then remade their Scout Promise to the King and were ready to leave just after noon. It is amazing what you can achieve in a day.

I think you can tell from the photos that the Explorers enjoyed this camp. Yes, its true that the weather co-operated, but we had a good team of Explorers and Leaders on site; in fact this was the third camp this year - previous were Platinum Jubilee and KIJ - where all the Explorer Units had come together and this has meant that the Explorers are now working well as a District, rather than just as individual units, which is good to see. We plan to continue this co-operation in future.

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Dave Moesli

District Explorer Scout Commissioner


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