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Gravesham Scouts Subs for 2024

Gravesham Scouts Subs for 2024

The Annual Membership Subscription (AMS, formerly known as capitation) is made up of

payments to Scout Headquarters, Kent County, and Gravesham District.

Scout HQ has announced a £2 increase in their subs this year. Kent Scouts and

Gravesham Scouts are keeping their subs the same as last year. The total payable will

therefore be £52 per young person (£37.50 for UKHQ. £12.50 for Kent and £2 for

Gravesham) on the census.

This will be payable to District by groups by 15 March. As in previous years, we will be

collecting subs net of the prompt payment discount. Sue will send out a confirmation of the

amount due in February once the census return is agreed with County.

We expect there to be a rebate of £14.50 (Kent and Gravesham subs) for growth over last

year, but this will be paid out when we have confirmation on the calculation from County.

Fraser Patrick - Gravesham Scouts Lead Volunteer

Fraser Patrick

Lead Volunteer - Gravesham Scouts

Gravesham Scouts Subs for 2024

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